Five useful tips about Gatorland Florida

Gatorland is a 110 acre wildlife preserve, which was founded in 1949. This facility is home many species of Alligators and Crocodiles. Alligators and Crocodiles are magnificent creatures which are commonly feared by masses. Educational programs are held on continuous basis to show respect to these great reptiles. This park is could be an ideal place for a family vacation. You can feed the Alligators here as well. The instructors will show you that how can you control an Alligator with any problem. There is also a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs. In this blog you will read five useful tips about Gatorland, Florida.

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Useful tips about Gatorland

Mark Carr says:

Spent an afternoon here during our holiday. Wasn’t going to go as got the entry tickets as an extra as part of our theme park tickets….but I’m so glad we did. We had a brilliant time there. Not knowing what to expect we were amazed. Hundreds of crocs and alligators in a great environment. Some are massive and the way it’s set out you can be real close to them. There’s a different show every half hour so always things going on.

SciFiMan says:

My family and I had a blast. All the shows are exciting and hilarious, some interactive, could not stop watching. The place is pretty big and truly a sight to see. The food taste good and all the employees are friendly and willing to help. Truly a great place.

Jesper Sommer says:

We had a great experience. Definitely worth a visit. Some of the enclosures (example: local snakes display, white alligators) could be larger though. It’s 2017, and as a visitor I expect more focus on animal welfare – which means more space. Other than that it was great. Will visit again in the future.

Judy Hopkins says:

Had a great time. They have alot of wildlife to see in the park. They shows were very enjoyable. One of the workers in the park was more than happy to answer all the questions that we had. They also had a nice splash pad/ water park for the kids to enjoy on a hot day. We will definitely be going back.

Matt S says:

Savannah was the best part of our whole trip here.. She literally gave my son memories that’ll last a lifetime.. Savannah, our whole family thanks you. The rest of the crew is amazing as well don’t get me wrong. From the concessions to the man feeding the gator clan. But without a doubt we’ll be looking for Savannah on our next visit here. THANK YOU.

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